by laura janning

Are You Feeling Lucky....Huge Giveaway

March 2, 2015

I had every intention of whipping up a little something up to show my love for all things Irish this weekend, but due to some unfortunate luck in our didn't happen.  In the meantime, I went back in the archives and pulled out two super cute and easy wreaths that I made for St.Patrick's Day.

This one was made with faux carnations that I picked up at the Dollar Store. Super easy to put together.

You can find the full tutorial here

This one was made with green feather boa's and again, real easy to put together. You can find the details to make this shamrock wreath here.

Use What You Have .....Decorating in Neutral Elements

February 26, 2015

I am back this month with my challenge to decorate my coffee table 3 different ways using items that I have around the house.

My mantra and approach when I decorate is to use what I have in and outside of the home, to make stylish home decor ideas come together. This months challenge to style my coffee table, does just that. Last month it was all about using items that tell a story. You can see that table here.

So Babe....tell me how you really feel

February 24, 2015

I am taking a departure from the usual decorating, design, kids and donkey stories to bring you a rather enlightening and fun post interview with my husband.

This idea started with a few pals who wanted to know how their husbands really felt about projects, decorating etc and thought it would be fun to get some others involved. So when you are done reading about how my husband really feels about my projects, you will want to visit some other interviews. The links will be at the end of the post.

How to make an old chair new again

February 23, 2015

I sure hope my sister is not reading my blog today.... she may just change her mind.

Would you believe that this chair in my office with it's clean classic lines and modern look is 27 years old?  I only hope I am aging that gracefully. It was actually from my sisters first dining room set from Broyhill, and when she opted for something different a few years back, naturally I raised my hand to take it. The table is actually being used in my husbands office here.

No...I am not in Hawaii

February 18, 2015

Didn't want you to think that I jetted off to a warm tropical island this week....although it would certainly be better then the 'polar vortex blackout' that I have been dealing with since Monday.  See, we had a bit of an ice storm and the one thing you hope doesn't happen.....happened.

Hopefully power will be restored in the next day or so and certainly before the coldest temperatures of the year show up tomorrow.  If so, I will talk to you then. 

Stay Warm.